Employer Transportation Options

What Can Providing Vanpooling and Transit Benefits Do for Your Business?
  • Attract and retain workers.
  • Reduce payroll taxes.
  • Minimize the cost of high turnover.
  • Increase customer access to goods and services.
  • Expand service hours.
  • Offer low-cost or no-cost employee benefits.
  • Reduce gas emissions and conserve energy.
  • Increase employee productivity, health, and morale.
  • Support public transit.
  • Become a leader in creating the new green economy.

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More About Financial Benefits
Calculator: How much can your business and your employees save by offering commuter benefits?
Commuter Financial Incentives: This webpage describes various financial incentives that can be used to encourage use of more efficient commute modes. These include parking cash-out, travel allowance, transit benefits, and rideshare benefits. They are often provided as an alternative to subsidized employee parking.
The IRS's Guide to Employer Tax Fringe Benefits 2012 (see 2: Transportation Benefits, and 3).

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