Renew Health Program

Rural Health Network staff offers on-site assistance at 2663 Main St., Whitney Point, NY, or at a convenient location.

Renew Health Participants Must:
  • Have one or more of the following chronic conditions:    
    • Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular diseases (heart and/or circulation)
    • High Blood Pressure (HTN)
    • Respiratory diseases (Asthma, COPD)
    • Mental health concerns (stress, anxiety, depression)
    • Arthritis or chronic pain
    • Or other chronic condition
  • Be age 18 or over
  • Have insurance or need insurance
  • Live in a rural area

Renew Health Participants Choose From:

  • Case management (visits: home, phone, office, off-site)
  • Patient-primary care provider communication
  • Southern Tier Health Link patient portal (electronic health records)
  • Support groups
  • Classes (chronic disease workshops - see below)

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention: Bacon Lovers

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP): Living Healthy Workshops
Held in a community setting, this free six-week, 2.5 hour group session empowers participants with knowledge to self-manage their chronic conditions or care for a loved one. CDSMP is an evidence-based intervention, and these sessions are facilitated by certified Peer Leaders who are either health professionals or people living with a chronic condition.

CDSMP Topics covered include: managing symptoms; exercising and physical activity; communicating with family, friends, and health-care professionals; eating healthy; managing medicines; making treatment decisions; and more.

CDSMP workshop participants receive a free book, "Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions," and CD, "Relaxation for Mind and Body - Pathways to Healing."

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)
Upcoming class location is to be determined.
Call Rural Health Network of SCNY to register: 692-7669

Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) 
Call Rural Health Network of SCNY: 692-7669
See the DPP flyer here!
Classes will begin as soon as roster is filled!

Classes and materials are FREE! Leaders are certified in the evidence-based chronic disease education programs.

  • Renew Health's 2009-2013 Progress Report
    is now available online.

    Please click the image to view the report.

    Renew Health Progress Report

To find out more about Rural Health Network's services, call (607) 692-7669 or toll-free (888) 603-5973.