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Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

The Rural Health Network of South Central New York, Inc. (RHNSCNY) greatly appreciates the value added by community volunteers and student interns. We offer a variety of opportunities to suit the needs of the perspective participant. Please visit the Rural Health Service Corps website to learn about our AmeriCorps service opportunities and to view our current openings.
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities at RHNSCNY include committee, work group, and Board of Directors membership.
Click here to download a Board of Directors/Committee Member application.
In addition to these governance and advisory volunteer opportunities, RHNSCNY is interested in volunteer assistance with major program areas (see program-specific information below). If you would like to make a difference helping your friends, family, and neighbors who need health services but lack health insurance, or if you have the background to help with Simply Health wellness classes, please contact Jack Salo at (607)692-7669.
Internship Opportunities
RHNSCNY has an internship agreement with the Binghamton University Decker School of Nursing. Agreements are being negotiated with other colleges and universities.
Internships are developed and negotiated on an individual basis. Every effort is made to match the interest and specialty area of the student with a relevant RHNSCNY project, initiative, or need. The Rural Health Network has a small staff and limits the number of interns in order to ensure that each intern receives the support and oversight necessary for a successful experience.
It may also be possible to link an internship with a part-time Americorps position.
Project Description and Intern/Volunteer Opportunity Summaries:
In addition to the project and activity descriptions listed below, there are additional intern and volunteer project opportunities that can be considered and negotiated based on applicant interest and skills. Opportunities exist for administrative, planning, research, and special projects. The following projects and programs are currently active and available for volunteer, intern, and national service consideration.
1. Wellness Program: RHNSCNY Health Promotion Associates teach/facilitate Simply Health wellness programs and attend community health fairs. The Simply Health program uses a version of the Broome County Office for Aging Mission Meltaway curriculum. Additionally, RHNSCNY partners with STEPS to a Healthier New York to provide wellness programming throughout rural Broome County. The next developmental step in strengthening wellness programming will involve increasing the sustainability of programming in rural communities and developing more comprehensive community-based strategies to improve rural health and wellness.
2. Health Care Access Programs: These programs assist those without health insurance in accessing health care. The Pharmaceutical Assistance Program makes no cost/low cost pharmaceuticals available to individuals who lack health insurance and cannot afford prescription medications. The program uses software (RxAssist Plus) to determine an individual's eligibility for private and publicly-funded pharmaceutical assistance programs. Pharmaceutical assistance is provided directly by RHNSCNY staff, usually by phone, and through primary health care sites supported by RHNSCNY. In addition, RHNSCNY assists individuals in need of vision services and provides referral to dental services and public health insurance programs like Medicaid and Child Health Plus. Volunteer and intern support is needed for most health care access programs.
3. Service Innovations: RHNSCNY has been involved in piloting, supporting, and participating in a variety of innovative health-related services, including a cooperative transportation initiative with Broome Head Start, a Cover the Uninsured Week, and various focus groups in each of the three counties served by RHNSCNY to better determine health and wellness priorities. Most recently, RHNSCNY has been involved in an initiative to link the health sector with local farming and food production to generate multiple benefits (including health, community, and economic) in rural communities. Activities and services that support local community effors to improve health and wellness are included in this category as well. Service innovations provide multiple opportunities for volunteer and intern experience.

Contact Information

John (Jack) C. Salo, Executive Director
Rural Health Network of South Central New York, Inc.
2663 Main Street, P.O. Box 416
Whitney Point, NY 13862
Phone: (607)692-7669
Fax: (607)692-7670