2014 - 2015 AmeriCorps Positions
Immediate Full-Time Openings

  • Health Access Specialists (Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network of South Central New York, five positions: rural health literacy and outreach service)
  • Mobility and Transportation Advocates (Mobility Management of South Central New York, two positions: Outreach and Communications and Call Center Coordinator)

To apply or for more information, visit www.ruralhealthnetwork.org/americorps or call 607-692-7669.


Rural Health Network Annual Campaign

Rural Health Network
of South Central New York
is pleased to share with you our
2014 Annual Campaign

Since 1998, the Rural Health Network has worked to advance the health and well-being of rural people and communities in South Central New York. Please join our Board of Directors in supporting the 2014 Annual Campaign by making a contribution today.

For more information, please read:

To make a donation today, click here.

New York State of Health


The second open-enrollment period to select a health insurance plan begins on November 15, 2014 and runs through February 15, 2015. There are many insurance options to choose from, which makes it easy to find one that will be affordable for you. Enrolling in health insurance will also protect you from paying the tax penalty for uninsured Americans, which is increasing in 2015. Uninsured Americans will be penalized $325 per person or 2% of their household income, whichever is higher. Households will be penalized for uninsured children (under age 18) at half the adult rate ($162.50). The maximum dollar amount an uninsured family can be penalized is $975.

Quick Facts
  • Open enrollment for NY State of Health, the Official Health Plan Marketplace will run from November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015.
  • For coverage beginning January 1, 2015, you must enroll by December 15, 2014.
  • Those who qualify for Medicaid or Child Health plus can enroll throughout the year.
  • Please note: If you experience a qualifying life event, you can enroll in private insurance outside the open enrollment period.
    • A list of these events can be found here
  • Please call the Rural Health Network of South Central NY at 607-692-7669 if you have any questions about health insurance or would like to shop, compare, and enroll at our Whitney Point office.

National Rural Health Day

National Rural Health Day

In the United States, approximately 62 million people – one in five Americans – live and work in rural areas. Join forces with farmers, business owners, doctors, families and community leaders as they celebrate National Rural Health Day on November 20, 2014 to keep America growing strong.

Join Rural Health Network of South Central New York in celebrating your rural health care providers and supporters! 

Renew Health Progress Report Available

Renew Health Progress Report 2009-2013

United Way Annual Campaigns

Please join Rural Health Network in supporting the Annual Campaigns for the following United Way agencies serving our region: