Rural Health Network is hiring!

Seniors and Disabilities Specialist  

Challenging position leading the GetThere Call Center, a one-stop transportation assistance center located in Vestal, N.Y.. GetThere provides transportation information and referral, case management, and educational services. The Senior and Disabilities Specialist (SDS) will serve with the Mobility Management of S.C.N.Y. team to improve access to employment, health care, and other essential services. 

Required: Bachelor’s Degree in human services, health, planning, or a relevant field; supervisory experience; strong written, verbal, and problem solving skills; valid N.Y.S. Driver’s License; and use of a private vehicle for work-related purposes. Full-time with benefits.

Application Process: Send resume to or mail to: Search Committee, Rural Health Network of S.C.N.Y, P.O. Box 416, Whitney Point, N.Y. 13862-0416, by June 6, 2016. 

Binghamton Farm Share

Binghamton Farm Share has announced its 2016 delivery sites! If you'd like to see the agreement, which includes the different farm shares available and where you can pick up, click here
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New York State of Health

The third open-enrollment period to select a health insurance plan for 2016 ended on January 31, 2016. During this time, residents of New York State were able to enroll in a health insurance plan, switch plans, or apply for cost assistance.

REMEMBER, if you missed open enrollment you will not be able to sign up until the next open enrollment period (except in limited Special Enrollment cases).

Uninsured Americans (for 2016) will be penalized $695 per person or 2.5% of their household income, whichever is higher. Households will be penalized for uninsured children (under age 18) at half the adult rate ($347.50). The maximum dollar amount an uninsured family can be penalized is $2,085.

Quick Facts

  • Those who qualify for Medicaid or Child Health plus can enroll throughout the year.
  • Please note: If you experience a qualifying life event, you can enroll in private insurance outside the open enrollment period.
    • A list of qualifying life events can be found here
  • Please call the Rural Health Network of South Central NY at 607-692-7669 if you have any questions about health insurance or would like to shop, compare, and enroll at our Whitney Point office.

Rural Broome Counts
Click the photo to go to the Rural Broome Counts web page.

Rural Broome Counts (RBC) is a needs-assets assessment project that takes a deeper look at the 11 rural townships in Broome County (townships with 200 people per square mile or less). RBC completed its initial assessment, and has released a full report for use by all stakeholders. RBC will be updated every three years so that we can track rural Broome County’s status and provide information for other planning efforts such as the Broome County Community Health Assessment, Aging Services Plan, Coordinated Transportation Plan, and others.